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Pay for Travel

Pay for Travel

Storstockholms Lokaltrafik AB or SL, is a Stockholm public transport organization, runs all land based local and public transport of Stockholm county. SL Ticketing has two forms, pass-based or coupon-based; coupons strips are valid for one hour after being stamped, one trip may consume 2,3 or 4 coupons depend on the zones you may travel; children under 12 traveling with you, travel free from mid Friday till Sunday mid night. 

Tickets can be bought at public transport centers located at different places in Stockholm city including Central station and T-central, are also available at Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven shop branches across the city. 

Paying for travel in Stockholm can be very expense without using SL passes or coupons; If you like to travel by public transport in Stockholm in less, you should buy a blue SL Access card in 20 SEK which can be loaded with cash or tickets to pay for your journeys in and around Stockholm County. 

To get unlimited travel time is a best option for the visitors; you may pay for 24 hours, 72 hours, or a whole week. That SL travel card would cover all public transport including subway trains, buses, trams and ferries as well. 


Adults 22 SEK Single Ticket in-Advance Children/seniors 14 SEK100 SEK Coupons (for couple of trips) 25 SEK Coupon (cost one trip to the city center) 

Adults 44 SEK from clerk single trip – one zone 

Adults 200 SEK Strip (16 Coupons) Children/seniors 120 SEK 

Adults 115 SEK 24 hours access Children/seniors 70 SEK 

Adults 230 SEK 72 Hours (3 Days) Children/seniors 140 SEK 

Adults 300 SEK 1 Week (7 Days) Children/ seniors 180 SEK 

Adults (All) 790 SEK 1 Month (30 Days) 

Always stamp or hold your card against the automated barriers to board on, and there is no need to check out when you finish your journey. Don’t forget to do this otherwise if you get checked and you have not stamped in your card, you would get fined of 1200 SEK Important to 


Public transport is also free if you have bought the Stockholm Card, it does not cover the tickets of buses from Airport, Arlanda Express and regional trains. Tickets can not be bought on buses and should be cheaper if you bought before traveling.