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Driving and Traffic Regulations

Driving and Traffic Regulations

Stockholm is one of the Europe safest city for the drivers, there are strict traffic rules & regulations which should be followed by both locals and visitors, that definitely make driving in Stockholm very comfortable for the tourists as well. If you are willing to drive your own car or want to rent out a car, you must understand some certain rules to avoid any unfortunate incident. 

Driving Permission: First of all you must be at least 18 years old to drive. Certain type of international driving licenses are acceptable by Swedish Transport Agency (Transport Styrelsen) . Any license with international driving permit (IDP) would be acceptable by the authorities. 

Roads & Streets: Roads in Stockholm city are of high quality. Can be very narrow in the old areas of the city, having separate tracks for the cyclist and pedestrians. Streets and roads are usually narrow in residential areas but country side you can find wide clearways and highways. 

Speed Limits: There are certain speed limits which are recommended to follow to avoid any speed fine. Residential Areas do not go over 30 km/h City Areas keep maximum speed under 50 km/h Country Side can boost a bit upto 90 km/h City Areas there is a limit of maximum speed of 110 km/h Note: you must follow traffic signs with white background and black sign with red boarder. 

Parking: Finding parking in the Stockholm city is quite hard, almost all parking in the city are paid. Parking in the streets during weekdays may cost you from 10-30 SEK per hour. During Sunday most of the parking are free. Once you purchase a parking card or ticket, should place is under your car windshield to avoid parking fine which can cost you from 500 -1200 SEK. 

Important Traffic Rules: Right hand side driving is implemented in the country so that in the Stockholm city. Driver including all back and front passengers must fasten their seat belts. Use special child seat or child restrain devices for children under 7 years old . No telephone calls are allowed. While entering to roundabouts, give way to those which are enter before you. Over taking only on the left side of the road, go to right and give a way to those cars want to overtake yours. Blood alcohol level allow for driving is 0,02% which is the lowest in all Europe. Dim light should be switched on always, even during daytime.