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Transport Tips

Commuter Train

Commuter train line J38 is located on Arlanda Central (Sigtuna) under Sky City in-between terminal 4 and 5. 

Train comes from  Uppsala C and Tumba stations via Stockholm Central Station and further to Älvsjö (Stockholm International Fairs). 

Commuter trains are called Pendeltåg in Swedish; travel from Arlanda airport to the Central Station of Stockholm. This train takes upto 40 minutes to reach the city. 

Ticket can be bought on
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Arlanda Express - Arlanda Airport Travel

Arlanda Express is bit more expensive but very quick train which only takes 20 minutes to reach the city Central Station and departs from terminal 2. Arlanda Express departs after every 10–15 minutes whole day, free Wi-Fi is available on the train. 

Buy tickets from Kiosks at the platform or on-line; you can also buy from the ticket machines at Arlanda airport. 

Weekend discounts are available on buying return tickets online. 


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Travel by Bus

Flybussarna is a dedicated airport bus service which can be caught from terminal no. 5; a bus departs from every 10-15 minutes for the city and takes upto 45 minutes to reach the city terminal in Norrmalm district. 

This service continues from 5 am morning till 1 am night daily. One may get its ticket little cheaper by booking online.

Ticket can be purchased by card on the bus but can also be bought from the branches of 7-Eleven and Pressbyrån inside the airpo
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Stockholm Arlanda Airport To and From Travel

Stockholm Arlanda airport or ARN is the largest airport in the country; so many domestic flights and direct international flights from Asia, Europe and Middle East arrives here and it’s the key destination for SAS airlines. 

It consists on four modern terminals from 2-5 and uses Terminal 5 & 2 for international flight and 3 & 4 for Domestic flights, and one can walk between all these terminals. 

Free Wifi for 3 hours is available on the airport, f
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Taxi in Stockholm

There are several taxi companies in Stockholm, capital of Sweden, additionally, most of taxi corporations are independent companies. Approved taxis with metered fares forever bear yellow number plates. Check the value on the yellow-and-white label that is typically on the rear door window, before entering to the vehicle. 

Taxi costs don't seem to be regulated in Sweden; they'll vary greatly, Credit cards area unit promptly accepted; Always ask the driver beforeh
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Pay for Travel

Storstockholms Lokaltrafik AB or SL, is a Stockholm public transport organization, runs all land based local and public transport of Stockholm county. SL Ticketing has two forms, pass-based or coupon-based; coupons strips are valid for one hour after being stamped, one trip may consume 2,3 or 4 coupons depend on the zones you may travel; children under 12 traveling with you, travel free from mid Friday till Sunday mid night. 

Tickets can be bought at public transport cent
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Bike Stockholm

Ride a bike is an good option during warm summer, as it does not take more than 30 minutes to ride across the inner city, and it is also a faster traveling options compared to other means of communication such as car or subway. One should bike on the right hand side same as other vehicles. Cycle paths are usually along with all main streets, Bike paths streets have round blue sign with white bike on them. In winter one should take care while biking as streets are usually covered wit
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Tips on Visiting Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm is a city on archipelago, stands on 14 islands. There are so many tours but would cost you more but you can also experience natural beauty of archipelago on a cheap. Tours services usually starts from 250 SEK. . You may take ferries which would cost you from 50-150 SEK depending upon which island you wish to visit. 

Vaxholm is a town of archipelagos, you may find Waxholmsbolaget the most economic boat tour; would find ticket at half prices from Octobe
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Stay on Budget

Accommodation is expensive in Stockholm. You may plan well to save money. Normal hotel may cost you from 100$ to 250 $ per night. Here are some tips which can make your stay in Stockholm at budget. Stay at Hostel: It may surprise you, but it is the best way to save your money. Per night may cost you around 20$ in most of these hostels. Hotel Point: If you got hotel points, would book any famous international hotel in the city which would definitely save your money. Hospitalit
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Use Stockholm Travel Card

It is very wise to buy Stockholm card, you may buy from 1 day to a week. One day or 24 hours pass is a ticket on which you would have a chance to visit too many city attractions and around 70 museums for free. 

Free public transport and many more things either for free or on special discount. Most of the museum and attractions are open from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm daily; use the pass wisely so you would have a chance to use this card for two day (24 hours.) 

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Tip on Traveling Cheap While in Stockholm

You may find a good transportation system while in Stockholm but there are few tips one should keep in mind while traveling in Stockholm city: 

Avoid Taxi: Step aside Taxi and try to use Public transport which is much cheaper and available for all destinations in Stockholm city. 

Get Transport Passes Instead: Single zone tickets on metro train would cost 36 SEK. There are travel passes available for 72 hours card for 36$ (230 S
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Driving and Traffic Regulations

Stockholm is one of the Europe safest city for the drivers, there are strict traffic rules & regulations which should be followed by both locals and visitors, that definitely make driving in Stockholm very comfortable for the tourists as well. If you are willing to drive your own car or want to rent out a car, you must understand some certain rules to avoid any unfortunate incident. 

Driving Permission: First of all you must be at least 18 years
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