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Privacy Policy

This website is owned, maintained and operated by The Stockholm Guide Group. By using this website, you accept its term of privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

We would like that visitors on the website take part in activities and attain useful information on visiting Stockholm City. Further, we want to make sure to protect your privacy by not to infringe your right to privacy while collecting information from you. Our privacy policy is made to give you useful information on how we collect your personal information and use it and the use of cookies.

Personal Information

Websit is in Test Mode; Data displayed on the website does not reflect actual content and may contains errors or incorrect data, this notice would be untill we remove test mode Alert from website i.e in our policy and website logo
Once site is ready we would always collect your personal data after your concent and website would show data that have particularly provide by you, we would exclusively use this information only for the purposes you have submitted it. We ask you only the information necessary to enable you to participate. We always protect that information and would never disclose it any third parties, and in case we required it we would inform you of our intention and get your consent to use it or not.

The information that we collect and how we use it Usually, we do not maintain any of your personal information obtained through this website in our database system. Here are some examples where we may request your personal information, and also telling you on how we could use it.

During Contacting our customer services Once you would like to contact us by sending us email or by filling our visitor contact from on our websites. We may save your contact information, which is used to respond to your questions or suggestions.

Sign up or Sign in Content If you like to sign up for a purpose to contribute or participate on our website, we would ask you to provide some personal information from you, we store this information for your to keep participating under your id. A username and password is required to sign in, further to let people know who makes a comment and also to deal with any inappropriate behavior on the site. For that reasons, we ask you to provide your login information before contributing on the site. The most important thing is that you can save your wish list for future use.


We use cookies on this site we aim to improve our visitors experiences, using cookies would enable to use certain parts of the site and also to collect non-personal data about your use of the website.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that just enable our website to identify your device and browser you use. These text files are harmless and placed on your device once you visit a website. This collected information may use to enable the website to work, further to see how website works and what pages people view or like etc. by using this website, we imply that you are agreed to us sending you cookies and have read our cookies and privacy policy.
Examples of different third-parties cookies which are used on this website are:
Facebook, Google Account, Google Analytic and Twitter etc. These cookies allow visitors to log in on the site, share and comment on content.

Third Party Cookies

Some features on the site may use a cookie sent by a third party to your computer. Suppose, on sharing any content on this website through social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc. in this case you may receive cookies from these social network sites. These third-party cookies setting are not being controlled by us you may check these third-parties cookies privacy policy by visiting their website site to see how cookies are managed.

How to manage cookies

To make full use of this website, your computer or any device you use must accept cookies otherwise may miss some of site features. If you like to restrict, block or disable cookies, you can do that by changing your browser's setting, or search on web on how t manage cookies to has detailed information on browsers settings and cookies.

Contact us

If you have any query or suggestion about our website or our privacy policy, please contact our customer service by visiting contact us page.
You may write us by filling our contact us form or write us email on

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