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The Swedish Number is on Speed Dial Now

The Swedish Number is on Speed Dial Now

, Stockholm

Swedish Tourist Association designs idea to introduce “The Swedish Number”, the aim behind this idea is to introduce Sweden by guiding and encouraging more people around the world. The model is designed to transfer calls randomly to local Swedes who are willing to answer international callers and answer their questions about Sweden or Nordic nation. This idea is becoming very popular and a massive response is recorded by Swedish Tourism Association in last 1 week. Project is launched on 6th of April and within first 2 weeks over hundred thousand phone calls are recorded from total of 176 countries. This is a unique project of its kind and many questions may come in the reader mind such as

How much does it cost to call The number? 

Who will answer my call? 
Who Launch the Swedish Number? How does this number work? etc. 
It is interesting to have a glimpse in Swedish history, in 1766, Sweden had become the first country in the world to abolish censorship, this happened about 250 years ago. Now in order to honor this anniversary, Sweden now became the first country to introduce its own phone number “The Swedish Number”. Which connect calls anywhere in Sweden, to a random Swede; where people from anywhere in the world has a chance to talk about anything they want. America is at the top of list making over 35% of calls, UK comes on 2nd with much smaller 6%, Turkey counts at 3rd number with 5% phone calls and then China and Netherlands coming next by making 4% of phone calls. Since April 6, 2016, Swedish Number has received over 85000 Calls from 176 countries with average call duration almost 3 minutes. 
Beautiful View of Stockholm, Capital City of Sweden
 If you have any question about Sweden or Nordic nation, you may talk to a random Swede from anywhere in Sweden, here is The Swedish Number you can dial right now: +46 771 793 336 (+46 771 SWEDEN) This is not a hotline to Swedish Tourism Association rather a way to answer your questions by an everyday Swede. Thousands of Swedes had signed up for the app to answer calls voluntarily; chances to get answered by same Swede are very rare as calls will be connect to random people by telephone switchboard, so you would likely have chances to learn new things about Sweden each time you call. This service works 24-hours a day and 7 days a week, but yet there is a chance that you would not get any answer, it is because may be Sweden is sleeping, people busy on their jobs or some special event is taken place. If a Swede is unable to answer your call, you will be connected to next random Swede. Further, your calls may be recorded for security reasons, they are never shared and routed through a switchboard always. Your phone number is also private and completely anonymous to the receiver. 

  Quick Calling Tips to Swedish Number:
  • It is interested that once you are connected to a Swede say "Hallå!" or "Hej!" instead of saying hello.
  • Time zone of Sweden is GMT +1 and it is not always a good idea to call at night as most of the Sweden go to bed earlier during week days.
  • Your call will be charged as an international call and actual calling cost to Sweden always depends on your phone provider which can be further effected by some factor such as by the time you call, your calling plan, you should check your phone carrier before calling to Swedish Number. Most probably your phone service provider may charge you normal fee of making international call.
To read more details on The Swedish Number click here.
 You may visit Sweden Official website, if you plan to go Sweden, You may read more on Stockholm Sweden , the capital of Sweden. This site lists helpful visitors guides on travel, local restaurants, hotels, events & Stockholm tourism.

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