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The Riddarhuset

The Riddarhuset

Riddarhustorget ,

Placed Between the Gamla Stan and  island of Riddarholmen islands, you'll be able to admire the gorgeous and historic "Riddarhuset". The Riddarhuset, can also be translated as "The House of Nobility" or typically   "House of Knights", was build from 1641 to 1674 in a very Dutch arts style. The design was not made by just one architect but  about four architects contributed: 
Simon de la Vallée (1641- 1642), Heinrich Wilhelm (1645 -1652), Joost Vingboons (1653  - 1656) and Jean de la Vallée (1656-1672). 
The palace was a middle for parliamentary assemblies and administration by the superior state. Some take the Riddarhuset as one of the most exquisite works of Art work in northern Europe, particularly the art work  on the roof. 

The palace still belongs to the Swedish nobility but it could be visited. as a result of the restricted   hours, weekdays 11.30 - 12.30, I've sadly haven't been able to take a glance within. therefore set up fastidiously therefore you will not miss out on a visit here! it would be worth while; the walls of the Session Hall for instance, square measure adorned with 2325 escutcheons of the Swedish aristocracy.

In front of the Riddarhuset the sculpture of Gustav II Adolph is standing and within the the facade you'll be able to see the Latin inscription "Claris Maiorum Exemplis" which tells "After the clear example of the forefathers"

Entrance fee: 50 SEK, 25 SEK for college students and 65+

Address: Riddarhustorget 10

Directions: Between the Gamla Stan and island of Riddarholmen
On the square Riddarhustorget

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