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Old Town Stockholm

Old Town Stockholm

, gamla stan

When you visit Stockholm, don’t forget to explore old town in Stockholm with the name of Gamla Stan. The old town is basically the original shape of Stockholm. It was developed in 13th century, and almost 3000 people are still residing in this town. In old town most of the buildings were built in 1700 and 1800 centuries. There are also leading buildings there that belong to the king. There are many restaurants, studios, museums and tourist shops that attract many tourists.

People can explore many places like Nobel museum, Stockholm Cathedral, miss Riddarholmen and Riddarholmen in Gamla Stan that were built in thirteenth century. Royal Palace is the biggest attraction for all the tourists because it has more than 600 rooms and the largest palaces in the world. Moreover you can view many interested museums in the palace like Royal Armory. The changing of guards and soldier’s parade is more interesting thing for tourists.

Gamla Stan is the most beautiful and charming part of Stockholm. Stockholm is combined with new and old culture. In summer there is a rush of tourists as they love to visit old town where they are looking for a special atmosphere that only old town can provide them.

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