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Fun Facts and Statics

Fun Facts and Statics

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Some facts and statics which you may not know before about the Stockholm city: 

•Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, most populated city of country, almost 22% of the inhabitants of Sweden live in this city. 
 •It’s total population is 2 million and 16 % of the population is the migrants. 
 •Stockholm name literally means that the city built on logs. Stock means log and holm stands for island. So Stockholm means log island. 
•Almost 30 % of the total area of Stockholm is covered by green spaces, and 30% its area is water only. 
 •Stockholm 90 out of 100 subway (Metro) station are decorated by paintings, mosaics and sculptures and are said to be the world´s longest art works. 
 •It is well known for having beautiful parks, museums and green spaces. 
 •Mårten Trotzigs Gränd street is the narrowest which is located in the Old Town (Gamla Stan) its width is 90 cm only. 
 •Some of the famous brands/companies founded in Stockholm are Spotify, Skype Minecraft, Toca Boca, & Candy Crusch Saga 
•The city holds Ericsson Globe, which is the largest spherical sports stadium of the world having unique size and shape. 
 •Stockholm has 14 islands which are connected by 57 bridges. 
 •The city has around 80 outstanding museums, and 100 art galleries; world´s largest focus of galleries and museums in a single city. 
•Every year over 30 millions of visitors come to Stockholm by air, ferry, train or bus. 
•World most famous city for local & international events, exhibitions & conventions. 
•One of the World leading cities in ICT, growing its infrastructure to meet latest world standards; with over 450 sport facilities. 
•Education for Children is free of charge - There are over 260 elementary schools and over 80 high schools in Stockholm. 
•First City to receive European Green Capital award 
•Stockholm most famous and visited building and tourist attraction is called The City Hall (Stadhus)

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