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Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace , 178 02 Drottningholm

Drottningholm Palace is a royal palace located on Lovön in Lake Mälaren, in Ekerö west of Stockholm. It is official Swedish royal residence now. The castle got its name already in 1579, the present castle built from 1662 to around 1750 as a pleasure palace. Drottningholm Palace translated to the Swedish great future finest castle buildings and is the best preserved royal palace. In the castle area there besides the castle several buildings and areas that the Chinese Pavilion, Drottningholm Court Theatre with theater plan additionally Little China, home, Gothic Tower, Drottningholm ore and Canton . Garden installations consist of a baroque garden and an English park. The park and castle building is largely open to visitors, but some parts are closed off to the public because they are occupied by the royal family. 

Drottningholm park and buildings visited annually by an estimated 700 000 people from Sweden and abroad. The palace area of the main building, palace theater, Chinese pavilion, Canton Street, parks and ore became in 1991 a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was then Sweden\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s first World Heritage Sites. The protected area around the World Heritage site comprises 40 buildings. Besides the castle park also includes vast areas north and west of Ekerövägen. The castle and several of the buildings in the palace gardens and some of the buildings on the ore is also a national monument. Drottningholm Palace is owned by the Swedish state and managed by the National Property Board, while the Office of the Governor administers the kings disposition. 
Admission Price: From 120 SEK 
Open Mon - Sun 
Address 178 02 Drottningholm 
Contact No. +46 8 402 62 80

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